July 22, 2012

Signs of a High Quality Bridal Garter

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With so many choices out there, knowing the signs of a high quality bridal garter will help you get your money’s worth.

  • First, look at the actual quality of the material used.  There are  great differences in the quality of laces and trims that you can actually see.
  •  Look for good sewing construction.  It’s better if the elastic in the garter is not visible, even on the side that touches your leg.   Elastic that is completely encased in ribbon or fabric is smoother and more comfortable against the skin.
  •  Seams that are just butted together so there is a lump at the back of your leg are simple to do and don’t take very long to sew.  A garter that is a smooth complete circle with an integrated seam looks nicer.  It takes longer to construct, so that in turn will increase the cost of the garter.
  • Embellishments to a garter should be sewn on, not glued.  Again, sewing is more time consuming than glueing.
  • Look for garters that don’t have alot of material above the elastic line because they have a tendency to flop forward when being worn.
  • Designs that are somewhat unique, not cookie cutter styles.
  • Know that elastic can only stretch so far comfortably.  It can become over-stretched which will distort the look of the garter and make it a tourniquet.

Please visit www.GarterGlitz.com for quality couture heirloom bridal garters.

October 8, 2010

One Garter or Two?

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Brides are often confused about garters.  If they have two garters, should one be worn on one leg and one on the other, or two garters on one leg?  I am not an advocate of the two garter system.  It’s just my personal opinion, but I don’t like the look of two garters on one leg.  If the garters are a little tight, you end up with a roll between the garters, plus if the garters are tight, you have two things to cut off your circulation, not to mention how uncomfortable that would be to wear all day.  You also have to make sure to wear the toss garter as the lower one on your leg so the groom can get that one off for the garter toss.  If you go with the one garter on one leg and one on the other method, you have to make sure the groom gets the correct one to throw, and if both of  the garters are tight, you have two uncomfortable legs to deal with all day.

Yes, this does have to do with our business.  We make heirloom bridal garters that you don’t toss.  Elsewhere in this blog, we have advice on how to do the garter toss in a more stylish as opposed to embarrassing way (groom’s head up the bride’s dress).  We also suggest putting an inexpensive garter in the groom’s pocket ahead of time, and then when he removes your heirloom garter, he puts that one in his pocket, makes the switch, and pulls out the toss garter to throw.  That way you can have some great pictures of your beautiful garter with your leg looking alluring and sexy instead of sausage-like, or resembling a store display with many garters.

For all of the above reasons, that is why we make our Garter Glitz garters in sizes XS-XXL, and we don’t make toss garters.  We have had people tell us that we need to make toss garters to match our heirloom garters.  We can’t seem to make a toss garter as inexpensively as you can buy them elsewhere and still be proud of it.   We put all of our design and style into one garter that you can wear all day and keep it for yourself as a lovely memento.  Down the road, when you’re feeling sentimental about your wedding, it’s easy to pull out that little garter that you saved and reminisce about your big day.  Better yet, how wonderful to have something that you wore on your wedding day to give to a daughter to wear on her special day!


February 28, 2010

Garter Toss the Tasteful Way: Wedding Traditions

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I don’t know who started this unfortunate trend of having brides sit down to have their garter removed for the garter toss.  The only thing that can happen in that situation is to have the groom look like he is swimming upstream under your dress in front of all of your family and friends.  How embarrassing!  No wonder brides are disillusioned with the garter toss.  To have your garter removed in a much more alluring and appealing way is to stay standing, take off your shoe, reach down and grab the bottom of your dress on the SIDE of the leg that has the garter on it, raise your skirt just high enough for your garter to show, and position your leg attractively out to the front and side.  The groom can then kneel down and slip the garter off your leg. 

There is a famous hitchhiking scene in the classic old movie “It Happened One Night” with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.  Claudette stops a car by raising her skirt and showing a shapely leg.  If you have time to watch the whole scene,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wHfSb2xz2Ml  it runs about 3 minutes.  At around the 2 minute mark is when Claudette  raises her skirt and shows her leg.  Otherwise, here is a picture from that movie to show how to raise your skirt temptingly.

Much better than a groom swimming upstream.  

Visit www.GarterGlitz.com to purchase one of our beautiful heirloom bridal garters.  Be proud of your garter and show it off.

May 5, 2009

Tips and Advice

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Don’t spend months looking for your beautiful wedding gown, veil, and shoes and then add an inferior garter that detracts from your total look.

A series of photographs as your new husband removes your beautiful garter makes a wonderful memory.  Be proud of your garter and show it off.

Throw a toss garter.  Put an inexpensive garter in your husband’s pocket ahead of time.  After he takes off your Garter Glitz garter, he puts it in his pocket and pulls out the toss garter to throw.

Heirloom garters are small and easy to save.  They don’t take up much room and you can even have it framed with your preserved bouquet.

How wonderful to have something from your wedding day to give to a daughter to wear on her special day.

It’s much easier to fit into a garter than someone else’s dress.

Please visit our web site, www.GarterGlitz.com to see some of our styles.

April 27, 2009

Newest Trend in Weddings

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Looking for a unique keepsake for your wedding? The garter is making a comeback! Usually brides just get a cheap dollar store garter so they have something to toss; a justification of allowing their new groom to go rooting around under seventeen layers of tulle in front of 200 guests. Not anymore…the garter is now classy, sassy and all about what the bride wants. Check out our newest styles at www.GarterGlitz.com to see how an old tradition has been reinvented into a cherished accessory!


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